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Potato dauphinois is a classic on every Christmas dinner table, but we wanted to take it to the next level = cheesy tartiflette potatoes with our Black Treacle Bacon. The sweetness of the treacle adds a delicious indulgent taste to this potato recipe, and the smokiness of the bacon brings to mind raclette cheese and snowy Winter days! This recipe is the perfect side dish for an easy, tasty Christmas dinner but will soon be creeping into all your Sunday Roasts ?


• 1 x pack of The Jolly Hog Black Treacle Bacon
• 5 medium waxy potatoes
• 100g Brie
• 1 large Onion
• Hazelnuts chopped/crushed
• 100ml Double cream


• Start by peeling your potatoes. You can reduce it down in half for more of a side dish for your Christmas dinner, or add more potatoes if you’re serving more people.
• Slice the potatoes into thick slices (like you would for Dauphinoise potatoes.
• Boil the potatoes for around 7 minutes, or until you can easily stab your fork through them.
• Take a pack of The Jolly Hog Black Treacle Bacon and chop into slices.
• In a frying pan, add a bit of butter then chop your onion into slices and chuck them in.
• Once the onions have been on for about 5 mins and are beginning to soften, add the treacle bacon to the pan.
• Fry for another 5 or so minutes, until the bacon is cooked and the onions are fully golden.
• Remove the bacon and onion, keeping all of their delicious released juices and then add in your potatoes.
• Turn up the pan to high heat and let the potatoes brown a bit, but keep moving it so it doesn’t burn.
• Take a deep oven dish and place a layer of your potatoes, then top with the bacon and onion. We did two layers and then added brie. To do this, just chop brie into chunks and nestle them in between the potatoes.
• Pour the double cream over the dish and then sprinkle chopped hazelnuts over the top. You can swap this for breadcrumbs for a non-gluten free dish, or try other nuts on top.
• Put the dish under the grill & cook until top has browned and the cheese has gone gooey. Tuck in.

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