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Is there anything more comforting than a cheese toastie? This recipe is perfect for when you’re in a rush, and great for any time of the day – toasties are acceptable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, right? The caramelised onions mix great with the sweetness of our chipolata sausages, and add a sticky texture to these tasty toasties. Swap up the sauces based on what you like – we tried adding bacon & chilli jam to ours and marmite for the kids – or switch it up and use our chicken sausages instead


• 1 pack of Jolly Hog Little Porkers or chicken chipolata sausages
• Butter
• Cheddar
• Balsamic vinegar (or glaze)
• Red onion
• Fresh Tiger Bread (switch for gluten free if preferred!)
• Marmite (optional)
• Bacon and chilli jam (optional – great recipe for chilli jam here)


• Take a pack of our Little Porker or Chicken Sausage Chipolatas and pop them under the grill according to pack instructions.
• Chop 3 small red onions into thin slices.
• In a frying pan, heat butter on a medium heat then chuck in the onions.
• After a minute or so of stirring, add in a splash of the balsamic glaze then stir more until the onion becomes caramelised and you’re happy with the consistency.
• Lay out 8 slices of bread and top each one with your sauce of choice. We added chilli jam on some of them, and marmite on the others! Swap out completely for butter for pickier piglets!
• On top of the sauce, add your slices and chunks of cheddar (brie also works great).
• Next, put 3 Jolly Hog Mini Hoggers Honey Chipolatas on half the slices of bread (so on 4 of them).
• Layer the caramelised onions on top of the sausages then take the top slices (without the sausages) and push them down on top of the bottom slices.
• Heat butter in a pan on a medium-high heat then add your toasties. After a minute or so, place the lid on the frying pan (this will help your cheese melt and go extra gooey).
• Remove the lid and flip the toasties (making sure they’re delicious and browned on the first side). Repeat and then serve ?

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