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Breakfast bao bun recipe

We love bao buns so of course we decided to make bacon bao buns for a breakfast bao bun recipe. Pork bao recipes always go down a treat as the sweet and savoury pork works perfectly with those fluffy buns, but a brunch bao bun is such a fun way to shake up your normal breakfast routine and try a new bacon breakfast recipe! We used our Double Smoked Streaky Bacon and also our Black Treacle Gammon – which, when slow cooked and pulled is a delicious breakfast option for your bao buns, crumpets and baked eggs!



  • To make these breakfast bao buns, you can simply fill the pork bao buns with our streaky British bacon, after cooking it under the grill.
  • We kept thing simple for this breakfast bao bun recipe and paired it with curly spring onions, a fried egg and crispy chilli oil.
  • For the brunch bao buns, we slow cooked and pulled the gammon for delicious pulled pork – for a quicker option, you could even use our slow cooked pulled pork in these instead, ready at home in just 30 minutes.
  • We piled the pulled pork bao buns with satay sauce, pickled cucumber and even topped them with our Pigs in Blankets for a fun pigs in blankets recipe idea! 

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