Some behind the scenes from our Pigs in Blankets Cookbook photo shoot! It’s been absolutley mad seeing the whole process of a recipe book from start to finish. A completely new experience for us world’s away from developing food products. This was a WHOLE new process for us to get to grips with and we’ve learnt a lot. Including how surprisingly hard it is to agree on the design of the cover ?, how to pitch a book to get it published, and how weird (but wonderful) it is launching a new product and not being the one to fight for its listings. Mostly, we’ve learnt that we always have room for one more pig in blanket when we’re on a shoot. This has been such a team effort from start to finish – from the team coming up with the idea in a whole Hog HQ brainstorm, deciding recipes over our weekly team lunches, the actual photo shoot itself where we had a highly talented photographer and developer on board (Joshua Campbell & Helen Upshall, you’re amazing) and even our team hand writing and packing up all the cookbook parcels themselves. Check out the book to see what the labour of love has come to!

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