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BBQ recipes – Sausage Skewers recipe with blue cheese

This sausage skewers recipe is one of the ultimate easy BBQ recipes for a crowd. The sticky sausages are made even more epic with blue cheese and buffalo sauce – a dreamy combo. This is one of our favourite simple BBQ recipes and one of our favourite BBQ sausage recipes too. The gooey blue cheese, combined with the tangy hot sauce and our peppery Proper Porker British Sausages goes down a storm, but if you have fussy eaters, or want more easy BBQ ideas, you can give these sausage skewers a go with cheddar and chimichurri (we have a recipe for it here!)



  • Start this sausage skewers recipe by (you guessed it) skewering our British sausages.
  • Cook the sausages on the BBQ on their skewers. Keep cooking the BBQ sausages until they’re looking like they’re almost finished and cooked through.
  • At this point, chop the blue cheese, and crumble it on top of the BBQed sausages. Let the grilled sausages cook for another couple of minutes (even better if you have a BBQ you can lower the lid on). If you’re not a fan of blue cheese, or have fussy eaters, you can try these sticky sausages with grated mozzarella or grated cheddar for more simple BBQ recipes.
  • Top these sausage skewers with chives and buffalo sauce for one of the ultimate BBQ recipes for a crowd.​

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