BBQ Giant Pigs in Blankets Hot Dogs

Josh would have this for breakfast every day if he could. It combines two of his favourite things – bacon, and sausages! This giant pig in blanket is the ultimate breakfast hot dog. Don’t be mistaken and think that hot dogs are just for BBQ dinners – these are an epic weekend brunch that doesn’t take much time but goes down a treat with the whole family. Try them with any of our flavours of sausages and mix it up with the sauces – we went for our British Outdoor Bred Jolly Dog hot dogs served with Stokes Sauces Bloody Mary Ketchup. You can even give this a go with our Little Porker chipolata sausages, perfect for little piglets!


– 1 pack of Jolly Hog Jolly Dog hot dogs
– 1 pack of Jolly Hog Oak and Beech Smoked Back Bacon
– Butter
– Bloody Mary Ketchup
– Finger rolls


– Ready in less than 20 minutes, and with less than 5 ingredients, this recipe almost doesn’t even count as a recipe it’s so easy! Start by warming up your BBQ.

– Wrap each of our Jolly Dog sausages with a rasher or two of our smoked streaky bacon, tucking the end in on itself to create a giant pig in blanket parcel.

– Add the breakfast hot dogs to the BBQ and cook until they’re browned on the outside and cooked all throughout. Try not to move the pigs in blankets for a while, so that the bacon cooks and hardens slightly and won’t unravel from the sausage.

– Toast your finger roll for half a minute or until it’s warmed and then slice down the middle. Josh likes to do sauce first, so if you want to make it authentic, add the Bloody Mary Ketchup or your sauce of choice then top with the pigs in blanket breakfast hot dog!

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