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BBQ Corn recipe – Mexican street corn

This BBQ corn recipe is our take on Mexican street corn. Adding a bit of fusion to the classic BBQ corn on the cob recipe, this grilled corn combines the sweet corn on the cob with our Double Smoked British Streaky Bacon, smokey and moreish gochujang and fresh tangy lime for a next level grilled corn dish. Lending from the Mexican street corn recipes where the parmesan is rolled in cheese, this takes it one step further with the smokey bacon and parmesan combo! Try this if you want more easy BBQ recipes that will take your BBQ game up a notch.



  • Start this BBQ corn recipe by steaming the corn. If you’re making this a BBQ corn on the cob recipe and want to do the whole thing on the BBQ, you can wrap the grilled corn in foil and place on the BBQ (alternatively you can steam or oven cook your corn for 20 mins to quicken it up!)
  • Cook our British bacon on the BBQ. Our streaky bacon cooks fast so keep an eye on it – but for this recipe you want it extra crispy!
  • Once the bacon’s cooked, chop it very finely into crispy bacon bits so it becomes a bacon crumb.
  • In the meantime, cover a plate with parmesan and the crispy bacon bits.
  • Combine a bit of gochujang paste with butter then brush your crispy grilled corn with it and return to the BBQ until it’s nicely charred.
  • ​Rub the corn with extra butter and with a squeeze of lime and then roll it in the parmesan and bacon.
  • Top the corn with any of the leftover parmesan and crispy bacon bits then top with chopped spring onions.

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