BBQ Chicken Sausage Roast Dinner Skewers

We are obsessed with this latest food hack we’ve tried. Since we’ve tried it, we’ve made it almost every weekend. When it’s sunny and Summer, the last thing we fancy is slaving inside all day over a Sunday Roast, but we’re also die-hard Sunday Roast fans. Introducing the solution – Roast Dinner BBQ Skewers! With our rosemary and thyme Jolly Hen chicken sausages, carrots, potatoes and thyme, you can enjoy all the flavours of a Sunday Roast, without the hassle or having to be stuck inside. This is such a good recipe for BBQ beginners, or for a simple BBQ food side dish idea, perfect for those summer parties when you want to spend your time with all your guests and not inside cooking. Let us know what you think!    


– 1 pack of Jolly Hen Chicken Sausages
– New Potatoes
– Carrots
– Olive oil
– Salt and pepper (optional)
– Thyme


– Wash & chop new potatoes or small potatoes into halves. Parboil them for a few minutes, so they begin to soften.
– Take a packet of our Jolly Hen Chicken Sausages & remove from pack.
– Take 2 skewers and use one to skewer near the right side of the chicken sausages.
– Once you have skewered one end of the sausage, skewer the next (i.e. the left then the right).
– Next up, add a potato half onto each skewer, and then do the same with baby carrots cut into half (pre-cooked carrots is best!)
– Add a chicken sausage next, skewering it onto both skewers and continue repeating the process until your skewers are full – leaving enough room for you to pick them up at either end!
– Brush the skewers with olive oil and you can add salt and pepper if you’d like. You can also brush thyme against your BBQ which will add an extra thyme taste (although our chicken sausages have rosemary and thyme in them too!)
– Add them onto a pre-heated BBQ, and leave your Summer chicken skewers to cook on the BBQ for 10 minutes before flipping and cooking the other side.
– Remove from the heat when the chicken sausage has cooked and browned and the carrots and potatoes have a lovely char mark on them. Tuck in!

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