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BBQ Breakfast Burrito with sausage and bacon

You might not immediately think of breakfast for burritos, but these are an epic Summer breakfast idea! Loaded with our Great Taste award winning British Outdoor Bred sausages and bacon, this meaty brunch is sure to keep the whole family full all morning. We love adding sriracha to make this one spicy breakfast, but you can swap it out for tomato ketchup for the little ones. You don’t have to be a BBQ specialist to make this BBQ breakfast burrito, it’s super easy and doesn’t need any fancy equipment. Switch it up with your favourite fillings, or add our BBQ Pulled Pork for a flavour sensation!


– 1 pack of Jolly Hog Smoked Black Treacle Bacon
– 1 pack of Proper Porker sausages
– Clarence Court eggs
– Avocado
– Sauce Shop Habanero hot sauce
– Butter
– Tortilla wraps
– Cheese


– Start by adding the sausages to the BBQ.
– Next up add our Black Treacle Bacon.
– To make 2 burritos, crack 4 eggs into a bowl and beat them.
– Make sure to keep an eye on your bacon and sausage and flip them.
– Chop your avocado in half, removing the stone and chopping it into bite sized pieces.
– Put a small frying pan onto your BBQ with a knob of butter. Try to put it on a part of your BBQ that isn’t too direct heat in order to stop your eggs cooking too fast!
– Pour your egg mixture in and stir constantly and remove from the heat when they’re scrambled and fluffy.
– Prepare your breakfast burrito. Start by adding the hot sauce, then add some grated cheddar and your avocado.
– Cut your sausages in half and layer them up on the burrito with your bacon.
– Add the scrambled egg on top and fold in the ends and then roll it and tuck it into a parcel to make the burrito.
– Add the breakfast burritos onto your BBQ until they have nice charr marks. Be careful tearing it apart as the melted cheese will be hot and gooey!

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