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BBQ Glazed Onion & Bacon Wrapped Sausage Meatballs

We are always trying to get creative with new recipes and food ideas for our summer BBQ’s. These onion and bacon wrapped sausage meatballs are our newest favourite recipe, and we can’t wait to make up for the lost time of last Summer by consuming our body weight in these meatballs at garden parties and BBQs this year. These sausage meatballs are mega meaty – obviously – but are a nice change to mix it up from burgers and hot dogs. We serve them up as a side dish for a BBQ or for family sharing, and they also make epic party food. You can make them smaller if you want them to be more like nibbles, just use a smaller onion to get a smaller layer and stuff them with one sausage instead of two!



  • Start by peeling and chopping the top and bottom of the onions.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut into the middle of the onion once, this should allow you to remove the outside layer of the onion.
  • If you have large onions, keep removing the layers and keeping the largest ones in order to make these into your meatballs. 
  • Take a pack of our Jolly Hog Proper Porkers and run a knife down the length of each sausage, removing the skin.
  • Combine the sausage meat into 3 large balls (or however many balls you’re making. One pack makes roughly 3 large meatball lollipops).
  • If you want to get extra indulgent, you can add grated cheddar within your meat lollipops for a properly gooey centre.
  • Wrap the sausage meatballs in a layer of the onion.
  • Wrap each meatball with a couple rashers of our streaky bacon, working diagonally in a sort of Union Jack pattern. This will keep the onion and sausage meatballs glued together.
  • Poke a skewer through each meatball, not quite all the way but through the centre, keeping it together.
  • Add your bacon and onion wrapped meatballs onto your BBQ on a medium heat and put the lid of the oven down. If you don’t have a BBQ with a lid on it, you can try making a lid using tin foil, or cook the meatballs in your oven and finish them off under the grill.
  • Cook for 30 minutes, checking back after 20 minutes.
  • When the bacon is beginning to look crispy, glaze your meatballs with your sauce of choice – we love using Sauce Shop’s Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce for this recipe.
  • Leave them to BBQ for a further 5 minutes so that the bacon caramelises. Enjoy your sausage and bacon lollipops!

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