Barbecue Pork Loin Ribs


If you’ve already tried our Great Taste Award winning BBQ Thick Cut Ribs, you’ll know what to expect with the latest addition to our foodie family.⁠ Our new BBQ Pork Loin Ribs are created with the same delicious smokey apple brine, BBQ dry rub and our signature bittersweet black treacle BBQ sauce as the thick cut ribs. Made from a more traditional cut of ribs, these are just like the ones you have in restaurants and smoke houses, but better. The tasty tender, and more lean, meat is released from the ribs during the low and slow cook, creating melt-in-your-mouth meat.⁠ Ready to eat in just 30 minutes, thanks to us slow cooking them for you in advance, you’ll want to try these for your Friday dinners. Made from the best of British pork, these British Pork Loin Ribs are any BBQ lovers best friend. Try them with loaded potatoes, chunky chips, spicy salsas and tacos, mac and cheese, creamy mash or with Mexican street corn for easy, delicious dinners.

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