Craving a takeaway but trying to be good? This porky bacon and egg fried recipe is the perfect fakeaway meal for when you’re fancying a Chinese takeaway. It’s great for cooking in bulk and saving for lunches the next day, making it ideal for feeding the whole family. You can switch up the bacon for our sausages, chopped up into smaller pieces, or try it with our Black Treacle Bacon for a sweeter taste.


• Jasmine Rice (or leftover rice works really well)
• Eggs x 1
• Sesame oil
• Carrot x 2
• Frozen Peas
• The Jolly Hog Unsmoked Bacon x 1 pack
• 3 x Spring onions
• Garlic


1. Start by boiling rice according to pack instructions. If you can, do this a few hours ahead and keep the rice in the fridge, as it’s best to have the rice as dry as possible.
2. After draining and placing the rice in a bowl, in a separate bowl crack an egg and keep the egg whites in the second bowl, whilst transferring the egg yolk back into your rice bowl.
3. Using chopsticks (or two forks if not) break up the yolk and coat it into the rice, until it’s covered.
4. Next up, peel and chop carrots into tiny cubes, and do the same with spring onions.
5. Chop up a pack of our Unsmoked Bacon into tiny slithers. Add oil to a pan and fry these until they look almost cooked. Remove 1/4 of the bacon and set aside.
6. Add frozen peas at this point (how much just depends on how much veg you want to try sneak in) and then fry until any excess water has gone then add the carrot cubes.
7. In a separate pan, put the egg white in and fry until cooked. Remove from the pan and slice the egg white on a chopping board into thing strips.
8. Add the rice to your main pan and stir in, adding crushed garlic too (we added 4 bulbs so it wasn’t too overpowering).
9. Sprinkle on your egg white strips and stir until you’re happy with the rice’s consistency. The longer you cook the rice, the harder and dryer it goes, so if you prefer the rice creamier take it off at an earlier point.
10. Upon serving sprinkle with the leftover bacon and chopped spring onions.

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