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Bacon Street Corn on Cob Recipe

This bacon corn on the cob recipe is a real winner! We’ve recently got into Mexican street corn recipes so we had to make our own alternative with a homemade crispy bacon crumb. Crispy bacon rolled corn on the cob is a delicious side dish and level up of your vegetables. How can you make vegetables better… adding bacon of course? Try this for a BBQ Side Dish or for a nice grilled vegetables option. If you want a nice new corn on the cob recipe, this is the ultimate one. Rolled in zingy lime juice, smokey paprika, nutty grated parmesan and a crispy bacon crumb, it’s a great combo to give your side dishes some extra flavour. If you’re looking for more bacon recipes for dinner, make sure to try this with our Double Smoked British Streaky Bacon.


– 2 corn on the cob
– 20g butter
– 20g parmsesan
– 4 rashers The Jolly Hog Double Smoked Streaky Bacon
– 2g Parsley
– 2g smoked paprika
– 1/4 lime


– To make this bacon corn on the cob recipe, start by steaming the corn on the cobs for 3-4 minutes.
– Cook our Double Smoked British Streaky Bacon until crispy (this is for the homemade bacon crumb recipe)
– Chop the streaky bacon into small pieces, you can crumble under your knife or a rolling pin, to make the crispy bacon bits recipe.
– Mix the bacon crumb with the grated parmesan.
– Once the corn on the cob is steamed, brush with melted butter.
– Put the buttered corn under the grill until golden (or if you’re cooking this as a BBQ side dish, place it on the BBQ)
– Once the grilled corn on the cob recipe is golden, cover a plate with the bacon and parmesan crumb and a seperate place with the paprika and parsley.
– Brush the corn with more butter if need be, and with a dash of lime juice then roll the grilled corn in the paprika and parsley and then the parmesan and bacon.
– Serve up with an extra slice of lime.

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