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Asian Fusion Hot Dog Recipe

We’re always on the look out for new hot dog toppings to try so when one of our restaurant chefs suggested this Asian Fusion Hot Dog recipe, we knew we had to try it. Fusion food is some of our favourite and this kimchi hot dog shows how well fusion works. Combining the classic American hot dog sausages with Asian flavours pimps up your hot dog and takes it to the next level. We’ve topped our smokey extra long British hot dog with kimchi, sriracha mayo, spring onions and slow cooked pulled pork for a flavour sensation. Try this if you’re looking for new UK BBQ recipes or sausage recipes to try for dinner with a bit of a twist! If you’re not a fan of kimchi, make this Asian inspired hot dog with gochujang mayo instead or you could even make a less spicy version with a teriyaki or katsu sauce based sauce for a Katsu Hot Dog!


– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog British Outdoor Bred Sausages Jolly Dogs
– 1 pack of The Jolly Hog British Slow Cooked Pulled Pork
– Kimchi (optional)
– Spring onions
– Mayo
– Sriracha


– To start this very easy hot dog recipe, put a pack of our slow cooked pulled pork in the oven to cook according to pack instructions. Our pulled pork comes with a sticky BBQ sauce, but you can make your own sauce to put through it if you want to try different hot dog sauces.
– To make your own sriracha mayo like we did, simply mix equal parts mayo with sriracha and then taste to see if you want more spiciness. You could also try making gochujang mayo instead, following the same recipe but with gochuajng paste instead. We’ve also tried this Asian fusion hot dog recipe with Katsu curry sauce which tasted amazing, so if you prefer a creamier nuttier Asian sauce for your hot dog, try this instead.
– When your pulled pork has been in for a while, put your British Outdoor Bred sausages into the oven to cook or on the BBQ if you’re trying this as a UK BBQ recipe.
– Chop spring onions into thin slices to add as hot dog toppings for the Asian inspired hot dog. We also used kimchi but you can mix it up if you’re not a fan and use crispy onions, sesame seeds, fresh red chillies or crushed peanuts instead.
– Load up your hot dog roll with a bit of the sauce, the pulled pork and then the British hot dog. Top with more of the sauce, the kimchi and the spring onions and then tuck in.
– Looking for more hot dog ideas? Try topping them with pink pickled onions, beer cheese sauce, crispy onions and crispy bacon for an indulgent cheesy hot dog, or why not try loading your hot dog with apple sauce, pickled red cabbage and crispy onions for a more British take on a hot dog.

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