A busy year of events

Last year was a BUSY one for events. We were finally back in action fully after lockdown, and hit up more events than ever to get the snout and ears out there in front of the world. There’s too many funny memories, and mouth-watering food photos, to share, so here’s some key stats: – A whopping 56 events visited! – 34k Pigs in Blankets sampled – 8k Bacon Sarnies served up ? – 10 cities popped up in – 9k Hot Dogs handed out ? – 8.5k Pulled Pork Baps devoured – 2.8k portions of dirty fries tucked into – Over 500 sausage rolls dished out We promise we only account for half of that food consumed ? We loved getting back out and about watching more people smile after tucking into our food last year. Stay tuned because we have some even more exciting events coming up this year!

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