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Sausage open sandwich – Christmas canapes ideas

This sausage open sandwich is a spin on the smash burger tacos recipe and makes for the perfect Christmas canape idea or Winter lunch recipe. A great festive lunch recipe, these sausage sandwiches also make for a great Christmas party food ideas if you cut them into even smaller bites for mini sausage sandwich bites. This Winter bruschetta recipe combines a classic burrata cheese crostini recipe with some festive twists, with sweet hot honey and our sweet Caramelised Porker British Sausages, plus caramelised sprouts, creamy burrata cheese and crispy roasted hazelnuts. You can use this mini open sandwich recipe as a leftover sprouts recipe or mix up the toppings with everything from chilli jam to cranberry sauce to leftover roast potato slices!


 The Jolly Hog Caramelised Porker British Sausages  (or The Jolly Hog Proper Porker British Sausages  if you’re not a fan of Caramelised Onion Sausages)
Baguettes (or bread of choice) 

Sprouts (can use leftover brussel sprouts too, just shred them and re heat!)

Burrata cheese (goats cheese or mozzarella would also work great and these taste delicious still without the cheese if you need a dairy free alternative)

Hot honey (or honey!)

Chopped roasted hazelnuts (optional)


  • For this sausage open sandwich recipe, start with your sprouts. Wash them, chop off the ends and then cut them into thin slices like they’re shredded. Add to the oven with a generous glug of olive oil and hot honey. Cook on 200 for 20 mins then give them a check. This is a great recipe for leftover sprouts!
  • In the meantime, get a baguette and cut it in half long ways then scoop out a galley down the middle.
  • Sprinkle grated cheese into the bread cavity. You can leave this part out or add different cheeses or toppings inside the sausage meat recipe.
  • Next up, squeeze out the sausage meat from our sausages. We made this as a sausage meat recipe but you could also use our British Beef Burgers to make it into a ground beef recipe or beef mince recipe. We like using our caramelised. onion sausages for this though to give it a nice sweetness! 
  • Flatten out the sausage mince and push on to the top of the baguette and into the hole you’ve made in the bread. 
  • Get the frying pan nice and hot with some oil then add the baguettes sausage side down. Pan fry for 10 mins or until the sausage meat has cooked and gone crispy. Then flip and repeat on the other side, allowing the bread to cook too.
  • Transfer the open sausage sandwiches from the oven onto a serving board or plate. 
  • Top with the shredded sprouts, toasted hazelnuts (optional) and a drizzle of hot honey. Try these as an alternative to Sudnay roast side dish recipes, or chop them to make them into a mini baguettes recipe for Christmas party food ideas.  

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