Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls Recipe

This scrumptious pork and apple sausage rolls recipe is one of our favourite Autumn lunch ideas. Our brand new Apple Porkers, British, Outdoor Bred and RSPCA assured sausages, make for the perfect sausage roll filling thanks to their sweet and savoury taste from chunks of Bramley apple and a drop of honey. We’ve also made these into honey mustard sausage rolls because why not take the sweetness to the next level!? If you’re looking for an apple sausage recipes, this one is such an easy and delicious recipe that the whole family will love. These cheat’s sausage rolls are ridiculously easy to make and take a standard sausage roll to the next level. Try these apple and pork sausage rolls with our Porky Blacks, with black pudding and apple chunks in them, for black pudding sausage rolls, or even with our Jolly Hen Chicken Sausages for delicious chicken sausage rolls.


– 1 pack of our Apple Porkers (RSPCA Assured, Outdoor Bred, British sausages with chunks of apple and a drop of honey)
– Puff pastry
– Egg
– Wholegrain mustard (optional)
– Honey (optional)
– Poppy seeds (optional)


– To make this super simple Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls Recipe, you barely need any ingredients. Unlike normal sausage rolls recipes where you have to remove the sausage meat, in this recipe, we’ve kept the sausages whole so it’s as simple as rolling them – hence the name cheat’s sausage rolls!
– Pre-heat your oven to 170c.
– Start by taking a pack of our Apple Porkers, or whichever of our British sausages that you’re using. Have a play around with different sausage flavours for different gourmet sausage roll flavours and sausage roll fillings. We used our Apple Porkers here for a pork and apple sausage recipe.
– Lay out your puff pastry and cut strips of it, large enough to fit round the sausage and be tucked under to secure it. Cut out multiple of these, one for each sausage.
– At this point, you can add a sauce to your sausage rolls. We used wholegrain mustard for a nice kick and sweetness but you could also try apple sauce with this recipe or a dijon mustard.
– Tuck the sausage in the puff pastry, wrapping it round to secure it. If you’re doing this pork and apple sausage rolls recipe with different sized sausages, obviously adjust your pastry to them. For instance, you could make these into chipolata sausage rolls with our Little Porkers, or even Pigs in Blankets sausage rolls.
– Beat an egg and then use the egg wash on the sausage roll. Use it to help you seal the puff pastry on the pork and apple sausage rolls.
– Sprinkle your cheats sausage rolls with black sesame seeds or poppy seeds if you fancy the extra crunch.
– Cook for 35 mins on 170c. Slice in half to make sure they’re cooked through & then eat a couple just to be sure. Tuck in!

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