International Womens Day at Hog HQ

There shouldn’t be just one day set up to acknowledge women, we celebrate the epic achievements of every member of our team each week. But as it’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to take the time to publicly thank the amazing women who without which we would still be three fat lads selling sausages in a car park. To our mum, Sheri, who’s never not lent us a hand, painting signs for our events when we first started the business, doing shifts in the Twickenham car park selling sausages, cutting the ribbon on our office for not so grand openings and putting her am-dram costume making skills to help when we’ve needed it. To our wives who’ve supported us the whole time. Special thanks to Ella, Olly’s wife, who bought him his first sausage making machine which went on to be our main production tool for quite some time. To all the great women at our company who have got us into new retailers, have developed and launched new products, have come up with killer campaigns, have been there to step in for last minute shifts at our restaurant and kiosk, who’ve grafted with 4 am starts and midnight ends for events, who’ve arranged us epic team socials, who’ve found the perfect new starters for the team, and generally just kept the business moving and growing.

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