Ham pasta recipes – Wholegrain mustard spaghetti

Heavy on the wholegrain mustard? Yes please. We love honey and wholegrain mustard so much we made a Honey Mustard Ham with a glaze of it. That’s how this recipe with an amazing ham pasta sauce was born. Mustard is always a great addition to any pasta dish – going great with mustardy cheese sauces and creamier carbonara pastas – but we thought we’d take it up a notch with this dish. We love using wholegrain mustard with ham pasta recipes, but this one is the easiest and speediest of all recipes, and our personal favourite! Mustard haters, look away, because this spaghetti pasta is packed with that delicious mustardy combination of sweetness and punchiness. You can also switch out the mustard ham for our Black Treacle Ham or Oven Roasted Ham, or if you’re looking for a bacon recipe instead of a ham recipe, our smoked bacon works excellently too!


1 pack of our British Wholegrain Honey Mustard Ham
– Spaghetti (we used gluten free)
– Frozen peas
– Parmesan
Tracklements wholegrain mustard
– Olive oil


– Start this super simple spaghetti dish by boiling your pasta.
– Whilst your pasta is cooking, tear up a pack of our Wholegrain Honey Mustard British Ham into thick chunks.
– In a bowl, combine 2 tbsp of Tracklements wholegrain mustard with olive oil.
– Put your peas (or any veggies of choice) to cook. Broccoli and asparagus also work great in this ham recipe, and Brussels sprouts are perfect for a Winter version of this dish.
– Once your pasta is cooked, drain it but keep one cup of pasta water for your sauce.
– Add your pasta water into your sauce and stir to make your creamy and mustardy sauce.
– In a frying pan, add butter or olive oil on a medium heat and add your ham chunks. Pan fry until they begin to crisp and are warmed.
– Add in your pasta to the frying pan, then your peas and stir to make sure the ham and peas are equally spread throughout.
– Pour in your wholegrain mustard sauce and stir to cover the spaghetti. Load up your pasta with lots of grated parmesan and a crack of black pepper then tuck in.

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