Half Term Holiday Camps

This week we had the absolute pleasure of being involved with one of the ‘Active. Healthy. Happy. Holiday camps’ for kids in South Bristol. ⁠ A collab between some great Bristol orgs – Square Food Foundation, Bristol Sport Foundation, The Childrens Kitchen Bristol & Oasis Hub South Bristol – these local teams have come together to create an incredible holiday camp for children, encouraging them to be active, healthy and happy!⁠ The children at the club get to spend their morning learning to cook their own lunches with helpers from Square Food Foundation & The Children’s Kitchen, and then spend the afternoon with coaches from Bristol Sport. Max & Hannah popped down to have a chat with the kids about how food is made, and to give them some of our Jolly Hen Chicken sausages to use in recipe kits they went home with to make dinner with their families.⁠ Our personal highlight of the day was when Alfie, one of the children, said he could out-eat any of us in a pigs in blanket competition. He reckoned he could eat 99 million. Even Josh can’t eat that many.

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