Gooey Bacon Wrapped Cheese Recipe

Sometimes you want something fancy, but you cant be bothered to fuss around with lots of prep. This bacon wrapped camembert recipe is the perfect answer. Who doesn’t love gooey bacon wrapped cheese after all. Skip the effort and maximise the taste, by trying out this bacon and brie parcel for dinner or give it a go as a tasty Christmas party food recipe or Christmas sharer recipe. Dip in whatever you like – celery, gluten-free bread, or, our personal favourite, our British Pigs In Blankets – for the perfect centre piece for a sharing plate. There’s not many steps to this one so less chance of going wrong!




  •   To make this bacon wrapped camembert recipe, pick up a pack of our Double Smoked Streaky Bacon.
  •  Wrap a camembert cheese – or mini chunklets if you’re making party food – in our Double Smoked British Bacon.
  • Whack under the grill for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese is gooey and the bacon is crispy. We love adding a little glaze of chilli jam, cranberry sauce or a fig chutney for the last few minutes to give it extra flavour!

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